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Some people add ‘detox’ as part of their New Year’s Resolution, yet, still a few who already find out the ‘what & how’ to start it. SocialFarm has compiled a few points for You to start Your detox journey:

  1. Set Your Goal

First of all, You should set Your goal before You start doing the detox. There’s detox for weight loss, detox for skin, detox for bloating, or simply, a detox for cleansing.

Once You know your Detox goal, you’ll find it easier to set the next steps.

2. Know Your Calories and Nutrition Need

Calories and Nutrition Needs is personalized. If you got no time to see your doctor or nutritionist, You can check Your calories and nutrition needs using the DRI calculator.

3. Find Out What’s Work For You

Now that you know how much your daily calories and nutrition need, calculate your common foods and beverages calories. You’re able to check any foods and drinks available, from caesar’s salad, noodle, until Quarter Pounder with Cheese. We recommend NHS UK Calorie checker for more variety of foods and beverages. Note: Keep in mind that You want to set up your healthy menus, so try to look up healthier ones.

4. Select and Break Them Down into Menus

After you list the meals, break them down and mix&match them to a food diary. Here’s an example of a day’s worth of food diary for 1200Cal – 2000Cal needs:

Meal1200 Cal Plan1500 Cal Plan2000 Cal Plan
BreakfastAll-bran cereal (125) Milk (50) Banana (90)Granola (120) Greek yoghurt (120) Blueberries (40)Buttered toast (150) Egg (80) Banana (90) Almonds (170)
SnackCucumber (30) Avocado dip (50)Orange (70)Greek yoghurt (120) Blueberries (40)
Total345 Calories350 Calories650 Calories
LunchGrilled cheese with tomato (300) Salad (50)Chicken and vegetables soup (300) Bread (100)Grilled Chicken (225) Grilled vegetables (125) Pasta (185)
SnackWalnuts (100)Apple (75) Peanut butter (75)Hummus (50) Baby carrots (35) Crackers (65)
Total450 Calories550 Calories685 Calories
DinnerGrilled Chicken  (200) Brussel Sprouts (100) Quinoa (105)Steak (375) Mashed potatoes (150) Asparagus (75)Grilled salmon (225) Brown rice(175) Green beans (100) Walnuts (165)
Total405 Calories600 Calories665 Calories