To start indoor farming, the first thing You need to do is preparing the growing space for the container. Different harvest goals and methods require different indoor farm design and growing space. Here are some options for You to consider:


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In indoor aquaculture fish farming methods, growing on shelf like the picture above requires 90cm X 60cm X 100cm / 0,54 square meter.

In Pot

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For a single pot, you’ll need at least 30cm x 30cm x 60cm to grow a plant.

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For three small pots, You can spare about 60cm x 30cm to plant one until three kind of plants.


Example of 1 hydroponic kit size :

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For the hydroponic method, You’ll need space as much as mentioned in the picture above.

In jar:

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For small jars, You’ll be able to grow lettuce, for instance. Growing in a small jar requires about 5cm x 5cm x 30cm until 10cm x 10cm x 30cm. There are vegetables that can grow well in this method: lettuce; spinach; celery; and tomatoes.

Using mobile planter cart

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If You’re able to provide a bigger space to do indoor farming, You can try farming with a mobile planter cart. One cart required 1m x 30cm x 1.5m for space.